I am Elaine Eisenbeisz (pronounced "I-SEN-BUYS" but you can call me Elaine), a degreed statistician with graduate level expertise in all phases of design and analysis. I believe that my education and experience give me a deeper insight into the theory and practice of the discipline of statistics. See the About Us link to view my curriculum vitae.

You will find that our team at Omega Statistics are professional, personable, and knowledgeable. We deliver reports in the format you require that are both informative and intelligible. All of our services include consulting as you need it, in order for you to understand and present your results with confidence.

We can perform most projects on a flat fee basis. The fee quoted includes all work to meet your specifications, including a written report and consulting. In essence, the fee for services includes everything you need to complete your project. And, if in the rare instance I or my team can't do it, I probably know someone who can. Feel free to email or call me with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!


Experimental Design Services

Don't waste time and energy! Before you begin an experimental process allow us to develop a design that is robust, and will allow for objective and valid conclusions.

we use the following guidelines for experimental design:

  • Collaborate with the client to define objectives and state the problems and/or questions to be answered.
  • Define statistical hypotheses.
  • Select an appropirate study design.
  • Perform power analysis for best sample size.
  • Offer back-up/contingency plans "just in case".
  • Make certain the results will address the research question(s)
  • Consult with the client as needed to assure the methods and results are understood.
Clinical Trials
Correlational Research
Quality Control
Dissertation Assistance

Environmental Research and EPA Compliance

Statistics are a valuable tool in assessing regulatory compliance. We offer services in sampling design and measurement testing. We are familiar with federal guidelines and most state guidelines for analysis and reporting of data collected. In addition to compliance work, we also specialize in species population studies and agricultural research.

Projects have included analysis of groundwater data for the Army base in Oklahoma, groundwater studies for Rio Tinto Minerals in Boron, CA, and design and reporting of a phytoremediation study on a landfill site in Turkey.

Survey Instruments and Methods

surveyIn order to be effective, a survey instrument should be valid and reliable. Elaine has developed surveys for psychology and marketing research, with an emphasis on Likert scaled instrumentation. Omega Statistics also provide factor analysis and reliability testing to insure your instrument is measuring succinct factors. In addition, we are knowledgeable in ways to increase subject response and reduce response bias.