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What did you miss last month? Information and links about:

  • Free software for collecting and indexing research content and sources
  • Statistical process control
  • Announcements about out free webinar on Sample Size
  • Which Regression to use for your dependent variable type
  • When you can use ANOVA to test percentages or proportions
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Elaine, The Stats Grab Bag is very good and it will clearly help many of our students. It’s so clear and logical.

Frank Gomez Ph.D., Faculty, Trident University International

Omega Statistics’s weekly Statistics Grab Bag e-mail promises to be a great resource for practitioners of statistics.

Join the Stats for the Masses mailing list to receive the “Stats Grab Bag” email with useful resources and links relating to the work I do each week. I like to think of it as tidbits from practice. You’ll never know what you’ll get, but it could be just what you need!

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