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My name is Elaine Eisenbeisz (pronounced “I-SEN-BUYS” but you can call me Elaine), Owner and Principal Statistician of Omega Statistics. 

Omega Statistics is a premier statistical consultancy, assisting with many areas of clinical research and biostatistics. Clients range from large companies which are conducting clinical trials, to small start-ups and individual researchers who need assistance with data analysis and/or presentation of results for a journal submission. I personally supervise all projects to guarantee that Omega Statistics maintains our promise of providing “Successful collaboration for meaningful and useful results at a fair rate, delivered in a professional and timely manner.”

I help with study design and analysis. My in-depth knowledge of statistical theory and research methods make me invaluable as a consulting team member. Don’t hire a data analyst. Hire a statistician who can assess the risks and limitations of your plan. Oh, and I can crunch numbers with the best of them!

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All of the services offered include consulting as you and/or your team require, so that you may meet the objectives of your research. Please read further, or call or email me today to hear more about how Omega Statistics can assist your with your clinical research needs.

Time and Money! A well-versed statistician can work with your deadlines, and within your budget, to give you the best design and analysis for your money. Additionally, a contract statistician can be less expensive than an in-house statistician because statistical assistance is mostly needed during the design of the protocol and for the analysis of results. 

A contract statistician can also be less biased than an in-house statistician, lending more credibility to the results derived from your study.

Early. There are many reasons to bring a statistician in at the protocol stage to design your methods and again for analysis. A statistician’s job is to know the best methodological design and analyses to perform given your population(s) and research questions of study. A statistician can assist with: 

  • The type of data to collect.
  • Methods of adjustment for incomplete or missing data due to random or systematic processes, or due to patient attrition.
  • The best methods for analysis and inference (forming conclusions) from the data.
  • Determination of an adequate sample size to provide the information needed to meet study objectives.
It is easy to understand why a statistician is important for analysis of data, but many problems can arise when a statistician is not consulted during the proposal phase of a study: 

  • Primary outcomes are not succinctly defined, and an analysis plan is not defined for secondary aims of the study.
  • Sample size calculation is not adequately formed or presented.
  • Assumptions of the statistical methodology are not considered.
  • Contingency plans for study design and analysis are not considered.
  • Experience. Omega Statistics is a leader in the biotechnology field and with all phases of clinical trials, from Phase I to IV, from preliminary testing to performing post-marketing surveillance.
  • Expertise. We are experts in oncology and diabetes research, and have extensive experience in pharmaceutical and device trials.
  • Longevity. Elaine Eisenbeisz has been a statistician for over 30 years. Omega Statistics has been in business for over 10 years. we are not going anywhere. This is comforting to know if your clinical trial lasts 4 years.
  • Knowledge. Omega Statistics is a leader in cutting edge design strategies such as Adaptive Randomization and Bayesian methods.
  • Problem-Solving. Study didn’t work as smoothly as you planned? We may be able to help you figure a way to salvage useful information from what you have.
  • Reputation. Omega Statistics is a leader in study design and statistical analysis. Elaine Eisenbeisz, Owner and Principal of Omega Statistics, has over 30 years of experience and her name is golden in the statistical field. And, Omega Statistics holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Cost Effectiveness. Omega Statistics is available on a contractual basis to assist with methodological design and/or data analysis for clinical trials and research. Hourly and per-project rates are available.

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