The Internet is a Wonderful Thing!

You don't have to live close by to receive assistance! We work with clients from all across the United States, and internationally, and the technology that is easily available to us makes for simple and efficient collaboration.

Five Easy Steps to Project Completion!

  • Step One: Send your information along with any details you think will be useful.

  • Step Two: Elaine will conference with you via email and telephone as necessary in order to determine an estimate of the fee for services, and a time frame for completion of your project.

  • Step Three: Review and sign contract, send the fee for services via personal check, credit card, or Paypal. For your convenience,  you can also pay online!(see sidebar to the lower left) To pay online you will need a "customer code" that we will give you with the contract and invoice.

  • Step Four: We will collaborate as needed to complete your project, and you'll receive your written report and data files.

  • Step Five: We will consult with you as necessary so you will understand and present your findings with confidence!

Checklist to Help Us Help You:

Use the list below to help you gather as much information as possible so we may get a good overview of your research and needs.

Of course, you can always send a quick query via email, make sure you include a phone number so Elaine can contact you!


  1. Do you have an approved research proposal? Send it, it has just about everything we'll need. Also, include your email, a contact phone number, and tell us how we can assist you. For instance, do you need analysis and a written report of results? Just number crunching? Have no idea? It's ok, tell us what you can and we'll ask questions if I need more clarification.
  2. If you don't have an approved proposal send what you can of the following:


  • What are your research questions?

  • Do you have an idea of your sample size?

  • Send information about surveys or other instruments you will use (or have used) to collect your data.

  • Send your dataset (or whatever you are comfortable with sending, we just need to see how it is laid out). We prefer the data in Excel or SPSS format. You may not have collected data yet, that is fine, we'll start from where you are and work from there.