Elaine is absolutely the best, nicest, easiest to work with and the most fabulous statistician that I have worked with. I cannot say enough about her. I have been in academic medicine for 25 years now and founded a small biotech company. With Elaine's help on data, we were just purchased by Sanofi-Aventis, the 3rd largest pharma company! She helped our company so very much and no question was ever left unanswerable. You are making an excellent choice!

- Resa Levetan, MD - Co-Founder, Cure DM

I accidentally discovered Elaine Eisenbeisz of Omega Statistics after viewing one of her very helpful YouTube video tutorials on regression analysis. Before starting the tutorial, like any smart business owner, she pitched a summary of her service offerings, which included dissertation coaching. When it came time to begin writing my dissertation, I reached out to Elaine.

Elaine is a statistical enthusiast. Her passion for her profession is obvious through her conversation, coaching and writing. Contrary to other consulting services, Elaine provides her clients personal service by availing herself for project meetings via telephone and teleconferencing, in addition to email correspondence. The final dissertation product was professionally presented and statistically accurate. Best of all, Elaine has a great sense of humor which made the dissertation process somewhat enjoyable. If you are seeking the assistance of a professional statistician, I highly recommend Elaine Eisenbeisz.

- John O. – Ph.D. – Community College Leadership

Elaine is a wonderful statistics-oriented resource person who has both technical knowledge and business savvy. Having assisted my needs for a quality statistician, Elaine provided me with a well-planned and timely portfolio to aid in my research. She is very personable, and I highly recommend her impeccable data services.

- Cirrelia Thaxton, Ph.D - Education

My experience with Elaine was extremely satisfactory. She not only provided professional expertise, she gave me suggestions for some necessary modifications of methods. My engaging her was during a critical period for completion and time was essential. I appreciate so much that she was able to sacrifice everything, and delivered her work to me under a very tight schedule.

She also impressed me in that she coached me regarding statistics, building in me sufficient knowledge to walk through my oral defense. I am the first one in my class to complete the program (approximately 8 months ahead of the subsequent one), partly due to receiving professional services from her that helped the dissertation process run smoothly -- including the review, approval, and defense, such that no one even challenged the Chapter 4 results.

I have recommended her to several colleagues of mine. As far as i know, one has passed her oral defense and the other is ready for it. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to give her a reference and recommend her services.

- Victor Chen, Ph.D - Healthcare Administration

I just recently graduated with a Ph.D. in Human Services and could not have gotten through the dissertation process without you. Prior to coming across your website, I had been in contact with 8 other statisticians - - -all of whom either charged astronomical prices, didn't offer all of the services I was looking for or most importantly, offered limited availability with follow-up questions, etc. As a doctoral student of almost 7 years, I wanted to work with someone who not only knew what he/she was doing, but also partner with someone who made me feel comfortable, took the time to answer any questions I had regardless of what day/time it was and especially made themselves available to me throughout both the analytical process (Chapter 4) and conclusions (Chapter 5)- - - that's when I found you!!! You were everything I had hoped for and then some! I must have sent you a million emails asking questions or requesting further clarification and you stood by your initial promise to me (110%) that you made during our first phone conversation which was "Don't worry, I've done this many, many times. You can call me/email me any time and I will always be available to you to answer all of your questions. Again, don't worry; I will be with you until the very end when you'll be Dr. Jill S.". All I can say is "Thank you, thank you, thank you' Elaine. I will undoubtedly recommend you to anyone who needs statistical assistance. You are awesome!"

- Jill S., Ph.D. - Human Services

I owe you a great big basket of gratitude! You have been an extremely important part of all this. Because of your help I have a much better understanding than I did when this research study first began. So, allow me to appreciate you. I know that my last minute crises haven't been fun (maybe a little adventurous...) yet you have consistently responded in ways that have been extremely helpful to me. So again THANK YOU ELAINE! I thank you for many things: your standards of professionalism, efficiency and accuracy that have been so well built, your very capable skill sets as a statistician, business owner/operator, researcher, numbers cruncher, customer service rep, tech savvy communicator; should I go on..... well, you get the picture. Although I'm here in DE and have only ever interacted with you via email & telephone I can see how hard you work and how great a reputation you have built for yourself (especially with me)... So before this email gets to long, I'm simply saying "thank you."

- Todd S., Ph.D. - Philosophy

For my dissertation, I developed and validated a survey which consisted of complex statistical analyses. My dissertation committee members were tough and they expected me to write a high quality dissertation research worthy of journal publication. I talked to several statisticians but Elaine was the only one who said,"I will be there for you until you are called a Dr!" Choosing Elaine was the best decision I have made in the context of my education. Elaine has both the personality and statistical expertise (she's very good at what she does!). She helped me work through the complexity of my analyses and somehow, made the learning process enjoyable. She went above and beyond and was there to guide me as I prepared for my defense. Thanks to Elaine I successfully defended my dissertation and obtained new initials behind my name. I look forward to another opportunity to work together in the future.

- JFM, Ph.D - Work and Human Resource Education

I am waiting to get all the proper signatures before publication of my dissertation. However, I did want to convey how much help you were in helping me reach this important life-long goal. I was amazed at how you kept me grounded when the officials at A***** (Univeristy) questioned the results you provided. Each time you were "RIGHT ON". I am glad I listened. Your availability went way beyond what I or anyone else can expect. You made yourself available to me despite the different time zones; me on the East Coast and you being on the West Coast. Thank you for your assistance. Without you the title of Dr. Charles E. Ayers wouldn't be possible. I highly recommend you to anyone in the need of an outstanding methodologist and/or statistician. Please feel free to use these words as you deem fit. Thanks again my friend.

- Chuck Ayers, Ph.D - Education

Elaine not only brings solid technical skills, but also provides professional insights into alternative methodologies which have led to many successful outcomes. Her professional attitude and her friendly demeanor accentuate her communicative style which makes working with her productive and enjoyable. I highly recommend OMEGA STATISTICS!

- James Giannini - Chief Financial Officer

Working with Elaine and Omega Statistics was easily the best decision that I made throughout my entire dissertation. I had complete peace of mind, based on their professionalism, reputation and results. E-mail communication works best for me, and Elaine was always swift to respond! I had thousands of numbers and complex analyses, and it turned-out beautifully. When the review board questioned some of my choices, Elaine stood by me and helped me to articulate why I was correct (rather than the review board). The end result was a successful dissertation/defense and subsequent PhD. What more can you ask for? I would highly recommend Omega Statistics.

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